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A modern reality...

A story that began at the end of the 1800s on the shores of Lake Maggiore with the tannery of the Capra family, the family that created the brand. A path that evolved from tannery to footwear to the opening of the first Bagatt store in the 80s.

Steps marked by love and passion for the product, knowledge of the markets, attention to human resources and is aimed at the future with the confidence of those who left nothing to chance. A modern reality. Organized according to the principles of productive rationalization, Today, after more than one hundred years of work and experience, the brand is present in the world with 100 single-brand stores and employs more than 300 highly skilled employees in its departments

Brand Philosophy

Can a single word identify a company? The answer is yes.

When the word summarizes a trade and a link to its territory, it becomes a symbol of a world. In the Lombard and Piedmontese dialect, Bagatt describes the artisan who crafts and repairs shoes. This is the tradition and cultural richness that the founding family breathed, starting from the value of the Italian "beautiful and well made" but with an international vision of the business. Bagatt distinguishes ancient knowledge enriching it with a contemporary taste and speaking the language of the globalized planet.


Accessible glamour

Bagatt’s mission is to stir emotions and make sure as many people as possible can enjoy them. Whether it is a moccasin, a décolleté, a sneaker, or a 12 cm heel, the experience and the strength of a group come together in high fashion products, crafted with skill and superior quality. Bagatt brings to the market shoes, handbags, and accessories through its network of flagship stores and through its growing list of franchisees. Passion and solidity are the key words that lay the foundation for success.

Franchising Project

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